Spells and Intention Kits

Spell kits include a spell blend a candle, salts and small ritual to say, they help kick start the blend which is enclosed in the kit. Ideal to use at bath times. The Spell blend included can be used as talismans, carry around in the bottle, dabbed around the skin and used to rub in the hands and bring through the Aura. Can be used also in the bath and base of the feet in the shower, in an aromatic diffuser or oil burner. Even add a couple drops on your pillow, the spell blends also work beautifully with other spells, use in your own rituals and meditations. A few drops can even be added to a lava stone bracelet. The Spell blends are very powerful so use cautiously and sparingly, they are economical and each 10ml bottle should last a while.
All my spell blends are vegan and not tested on animals. Hand blended with 100% Essential Oils , Gemstone Essences, can also include Gemstones and Herbal extracts are harvested ethically and harvested at certain moon phases, rituals taken place too, then based on my knowledge and experience and alchemy, I then blend mix and bless. Other than for allergy reasons it is etiquette not to ask what the Spell recipe is.
Spells to me are simply concoctions of natural remedies to make you feel better and help manifest your dreams!
I also take requests for spell blends, as long as it abides with my code of ethics.
The plastic bottles I use suit my blends and help keep the cost down for my clients and customers. They are PET bottles and can be recycled for personal use or can all go straight into your council recycling facilities to be completely recycled. I am not a doctor and these items should never be used instead of conventional medicine, these blends should never be digested or drank or direct on the skin. Information provided is through book resources , historic beliefs, research, and own experience.

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