Laila Wellbeing offers a variety of events throughout the year

Mindful Eating Workshop

Date: 09/02/2019

Time: 9:30 - 14:00

Location: Laila Wellbeing, S36 6AR

Nutrition | Weightloss


In this workshop, you will be taught a variety of mindfulness techniques including eating exercises, mindful movement, self kindness, and meditations that help get to the heart of physical and emotional eating challenges. Helping those who want to lose weight with a balance and enjoyable feeling.

Various techniques are taught which will help you guide your decisions of eating/choices and to ultimately eat the foods you like without guilt and without overeating. By learning how to replace self-criticism with self-nurturing, you’ll gain freedom from worries about food, eating, and weight, and can develop a personal eating plan that works for you.

Introduction to Crystals

Date: 26/01/2019

Time: 9:30 - 16:00

Location: Laila Wellbeing, S36 6AR, Penistone



I would like to welcome you to Introduction To Crystals, bringing Wellbeing into your life through Crystals.

Life is much easier when lived from the heart centre, focused on love.

We will explore this and how crystals can help you do just that, amongst a variety of other things, you will also make your very own healing bracelet.

If you are curious about what healing crystals are, have some knowledge but aren’t sure how to work with them, or know a lot but have lost contact with them, then come along to this introductory workshop!

You will find out how crystals work, what they do and how you can use them in your day to day life to improve yours, as well as yours, your friends & families, health and wellness.

Course Content

This workshop will answer the following questions:

What are crystals?
How do crystals work?
How do I pick crystals?
What do I do with crystals once I have them?
How do I cleanse my crystals?
How do I cleanse & protect myself?
What healing properties do crystals have?
How can crystals help improve my health and wellness?
How can crystals effect my environment?
How can I feel better in my life?
How can I get more of what I want from life?
What are chakras?
How do chakras effect my health and wellness?
How do my health concerns relate to my chakras?
What crystals are associated with which chakras?

Walk away with a powerful healing bracelet you have made.

Learning Objectives

After this workshop you will leave with information to go away and start working with the crystals you have, and the crystals you may even buy on the day.

Crystals can support and nurture you and give you the opportunity to take some focus on what you want in your life, and methods to achieving it. They are used as a tool on your journey. After the course you will feel empowered , intuitive and even increase energy in energy.

Useful Information

Tickets are £35 per person, please feel free to invite friends and family.

Make sure you book your tickets as this event quickly fills.

There is parking in Penistone Tesco, then a small walk over the road to the building.

Light refreshments are included, but please bring lunch (also a cafe next door)

*please bring a blanket too.

Looking forward to seeing you!

Love & Crystals

Laila xoxo

£35 per person