Holistic Treatments

Laila wellbeing offers holistic treatments including crystal healing, reiki and oracle card readings, from her treatment rooms in Penistone, Sheffield.

Wellbeing Consultation

Are you at the beginning of a wellbeing journey, or need an extra boost but not sure which steps to take? Find out how a Wellbeing Consultation can help you. 

Crystal Therapy

Crystal therapy can be used in a countless number of ways. Find out how I can help you. 

Chakra Balance

Using a selection of crystals in a combination unique to you, Laila can help you re-address balance both physically and mentally.

Aura Cleanse & Protect

Aura Cleanse and Protect uses a range of crystals unique to you. 

Crystal Weightloss

If you are starting out on a healthy journey, or just want to get back on track, crystal therapy can help you.

Emotional Repair

If you are suffering any level of emotional distress, crystal therapy can help you. 

Self Esteem Boost

Self Esteem boost is often done when a client suffers lack of self esteem, confidence issues or needs a confidence boost.


Reiki is universal energy which is channelled through the therapist to the client. Find out how it can help you.

Card Oracle Gentle Reading

Card reading are done face to face, or I can offer you online readings. 

*Please note this link will open our online store at sparklefairy.com

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