Crystal Weightloss & Detox


Crystal Weightloss and Detox

Crystal Detox is often done when a client is wanting to or start on a weightloss journey or healthy start, or even help get back on track from a ‘wobble’ . Then certain crystals which work on weightloss, mind, focus and digestive areas are placed on and around the body to correspond with the emotions to kick start and motivate to get you back on track or to begin the journey, fully clothed , shoes removed, this then induces deep relaxation, release tension stress and pain and confusion, it promotes energy balance within the physical and subtle bodies.

The treatment can take around one hour. Further crystals can also be placed in certain grids on or around the body depending on what is discussed in consultation as treatments are specific to each individual.

How does it work?

Crystals are the most stable form of energy, we all have an energy field, each crystal resonates with our energy field , depending on what emotion or illness we have going on , each crystal resonates with that to help create equilibrium.

What will I feel?

Each client experiences different things. Warmth, heat vibrations and colours are just some of the experiences you may have. Again each experience is different. The main thing is you will always relax in a treatment even if experiences are minimal.

£45 per hour / express £25

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